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Hello Fondue Lovers!

I admit, I am a fondue addict!  If you can think of a food that you can stick on a fork to eat, I have most likely tried to fondue it at some point or another.  (Really…my husband can tell you some funny stories about my “experiments”)

If you love fondue I hope you find this website useful.  Here I hope to share my experience, tips, recipes, and more for anyone who loves fondue.  If you want to ask a question just leave a comment on any post and I will get right back to you!

Yours truly,   FondueLovinMom

  • Have a recipe, tip, or article to share with us about fondue?  Send me an email to and I will be happy to respond!
  • Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with any new recipes or tips we share!
  • If you are a fondue addict also, feel free to say hello!  Post your first name, City, State here and say hello to our fondue lovin’ friends across the country!
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